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About Our Company

Dear Value customer and partner

Our Company is Sapo Daklak Co.,LTD, We are supplier, wholesale, exporter vegetable and fruit. We are selling a lot of agricultural products from Vietnam special is Chilli, Betroot, Lime, Capsicum, Dragon fruit, Coconut, Guava....

Our products is processed by steam sterilizing system, ozone sterilizing and total clean in all processes from washing to grinding and packing. Our factory is certify by gorverment for food safety, ISO, HACCP, BRC. We can confident that we can meet all your requirement for products quality, Because our products was acepted to export to very strictly such as Australia.

"Reputation-Quality-Safety"- All products we sell with guarantee that fresh, natural, high quality and safe because we believe that quality products will bring value to customer and make reputation.With friendly and want to cooperate with all partner over the world, We are always welcome and pleased to receive any inquiry and requirements of Vietnam Agricultural Products

Best regard

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Ms.Min +8491.467.6861            Position: Director                    Email:

Ms.Moon +8493.803.1013         Position: Accounting                Email:

Mr.Don +8476.279.0789           Position: Sales Executive         Email:

Mr.HoaTran +8494.798.6056     Position: Import & Export        Email:


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Ms.Min +8491.467.6861

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